Ar 15 Pistol Legal in Ny

Brandon Herrera would cringe at reading these words, but I think the AR platform is superior to the AK and it`s much easier to find or convert an AR to be NY compliant than to find a legal AK platform rifle in New York – believe me, I`ve tried it and the only manufacturer I know of (NC`s Riley Defense), has not had any in stock since the end of 2019. Do you want an AR that you can recharge in no time for the competition, for example? Or maybe you need the magazine to come out because you plan to use caliber conversions? You can also have this, just be free of any of the features in the list above. Most are pretty easy to navigate, whether in a loop or pens, but of course, replacing the pistol grip will be a certain level of difficulty. Consider becoming a USCCA member to access training, partnership discounts, and legal representation if you ever need to use your firearm during a defensive incident. While some local stores have fixed mag models in stock, there are not many fixed mag models mass-produced directly from factories on the market because demand is not as high compared to models without functionality, and due to the fact that most states do not really define what they think is an acceptable fixed mag solution for compliance ( NY is one of them), so that manufacturers are subject to legal scrutiny. Of course, many models have come out, but most out-of-state are probably better informed with the Thordsen inventory. As this gooseneck elongated by a handle moves backwards behind the trigger (instead of protruding underneath), it no longer fits the description of a pistol grip. Most people like it because it feels like a conventional rifle, but some shooters find it uncomfortable because it rubs against the net of your hand and puts your finger a little away from the trigger. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association filed a lawsuit against Andrew Cuomo and the SAFE ACT to repeal it, and the 2015 final decision showed that the case as a whole could not repeal the SAFE Act, but reversed the 7-tower capacity limit because it was unconstitutional and unenforceable (see case details, by clicking here – ( Has a fixed butt in the furthest position, a crowned muzzle (wireless), a fin handle (no pistol grip), without bayonet eyelet. Comes with Smith & Wesson`s famous lifetime warranty. When permanently tied, a New Yorker can have everyday functions like a folding tree, a pistol grip, a threaded barrel, and just about anything they want to screw in at the end (without a suppressor).

I had the impression that there was a weight limit for pistols that existed before the “safe” trade. I don`t know what the size of AR pistols would be, but you have to keep in mind a variety of restrictions and allowances for rifles, pistols and firearms that are compliant or legal to buy and own. If you live in New York City, this page will help you choose the Dark Storm Industries rifles, pistols, and firearms that are right for you. The SAFE Act also limits the capacity of removable magazines and even stationary magazines to 10 cartridges. Hunting laws limit all semi-automatic rifles, shotguns or pistols with a barrel length of 8 inches or more to a capacity of 5 shots during hunting. While I`d much rather New York return to a state where it would be legal to simply buy a “normal” AR-15 off the shelf, the past eight years have been a brilliant show of force for this local administration. If you`ve ever been part of a full conversation that revolves around violations, you`ve probably heard that “you can`t own AR in New York.” While this statement reflects a good bit of truth, there`s a bit to unpack there. But it is possible to own a legal AR-15 from New York, you just need to know how to do it.

So I was sure ar guns are a big no-no in New York, but a friend recently told me to check again because he knows a guy with a 556 gun. So I pulled the law and found this: So AR pistols are 100% thin as long as they pin mags as the equivalent of the rifle. It`s a game changer! Hey, while they may be as visually unattractive as Andrew Cuomo and operate with the grace and coordination of his brother Fredo, a Right-wing Ar-15 in New York still works as intended. This is more than we can say about those who try to ban them. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a private message to, and I will do what I can to help you. Check out our other articles to learn more about the AR-15, how it works, and how to run yours like new. ” 22. “Offensive weapon” means . a semi-automatic pistol capable of holding a removable magazine and having at least one of the following characteristics: 11 (i) a folding or telescopic shaft; 12 ii) a thumb hole tree. PLEASE NOTE: This should not be understood as legal advice.

I am not a lawyer and I do not know all the laws that vary from county to county and between different municipalities in New York State. Always ask your FFL and get professional legal advice BEFORE ordering your AR platform firearm from an online retailer. Make sure you are legally authorized to own a firearm and that you can pass the NICS background check before proceeding with the purchase of a firearm in NYS. IMPORTANT: You MUST ensure that your photo ID includes your current address to process the transfer. Otherwise, you will need additional ID. This is required by law. Avoid putting yourself or your FFL in an uncomfortable position and have your valid photo ID with the current address ready before transmission. A few years later, a design known as the “Patrick Henry” trigger guard came out, giving the track user a place to put on their middle finger, allowing for a complete change in the way the weapon feels, as well as control equivalent to a standard pistol grip. Most of the fixed mag configured models I`ve found in local New York stores are usually marked between $300 and $700 more than they would cost to buy and repair the mag yourself (if it were legal for you to do so). This premium is calculated because they have to buy non-compliant models and let some gunsmiths work themselves to make the models “compliant” and because you may not be aware of the process, as I explain in this article., and several other trusted online gun dealers refuse to ship firearms from the AR platform to buyers in New York in accordance with company policies — even though it is legal for them to do so. Yes, AR guns with a fixed mag are ready to go.

However, there were a few tricks regarding pistol braces (at least here in Erie County). This goes back to the mare`s manure, where NYS considers it to be an SBR. The LGS near me will not sell an AR gun with pliers, only the buffer tube with the foam pad on it. Of course, you can put it yourself, but if that leaves my special LGS, they prefer to have only the foam cover to cover theirs. Stationary magazines and non-functional rifles are legal for civilian purchase in New York. Fixed mag pistols are legal in most New York City boroughs, but not in Suffolk County or Nassau County on Long Island. But see that they persuade themselves. Here is a PDF of the same exact website. You will see that it is said that a gun is an AW if it has 1: semi-automatic and 2: has evil properties. This is false and does not reflect the current law, but it obscures the water when it is included on official websites. Imagine you wanted to ban cars, but there was something legal in your way.

Instead, ban any vehicle with more than three wheels under the auspices of “anything with four or more wheels is dangerous.” No AR-type rifles are legal in all 5 districts. The most common caliber for an AR15 that can house a chamber is the .223 or 5.56x45mm NATO configuration, so we`re going to focus on these models because of the ease of availability when you buy your first AR rifle at NYS. Your local FFL may not be willing to pick up a non-compliant rifle and repair the magazine itself for an additional fee. If they are willing to permanently repair the magazine for you, they can offer you their own solution or the one they think is the right one, which is not the same device we recommend (MEAN Arms MA-Lock) and that`s fine – as long as it complies with the SAFE Act. All the restrictions of the “offensive weapon” are no longer valid if the mag is defined. Because the AR platform is extremely versatile, it is available in a variety of calibers, from the smallest .22lr to the largest 6.5 Creedmoor. Some people have even built ARs in .50 BMG. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number and you will need to share it with your FFL in case the seller has not done so. If the package indicates that it has been delivered, you will still have to wait for your FFL to contact you and set a time for the transfer. Yes, it`s possible to own an AR15 in New York State while remaining SAFE compliant, and the process isn`t as complicated as you might think.

You don`t need a special license and you don`t need to register your AR15 as an offensive weapon if you follow these 5 simple steps. Smith & Wesson is based in Massachusetts and its products are 100% made in America. Another great feature is the side folding shaft, which actually feels very well assembled. I had the luxury of holding him in my hands and reviewing his duties during the races in Liverpool, NY. Runnings has compliant ARs from time to time, but they usually sell on the same day, so it`s best to order directly from Troy for this model. However, if you`re looking for a new rifle for hunting, sports, or home defense that`s easy to learn, easy to use, and extremely scalable, then the AR-15 is the right choice for you. I have personally called and/or emailed all the FFLs I could find in NYS on Google, and I have compiled a list of all the FFLs that are AR compatible and willing to transfer online orders that can be found by visiting this page (click here for our trusted FFL list).