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“The only legal points that are legal during the July 4 holidays are sparks and objects on the ground, fountains. Objects that don`t leave the ground,” he said. Any other use of fireworks by a company or association is subject to a permit indicating who lights up the exhibition where, and the permit application must be submitted at least 30 days before the event. It turns out that the Delaware General Assembly quietly passed and Governor John Carney signed a bill authorizing the sale and use of limited types of fireworks in the state. These types of fireworks can be purchased between June 4 and July 4 by a person 18 years of age and older. and 1 December and 1 January. While there are several months to purchase deadlines, the Delaware State Fire Marshal`s Office has pointed out that the types of fireworks allowed will only be released on July 4 and July 31. December and 1 January. According to the latest data from the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 20,000 fireworks fires have been reported to fire departments across the country. Fireworks in Delaware: Where can you watch the fireworks in Delaware this fourth of July? Here`s a list as Independence Day approaches, the Delaware State Fire Marshal`s Office reminds people that not all fireworks are legal in the first state. Not only are these fireworks not sold in Delaware, but it`s also illegal to buy them across state borders and send them back to Delaware to ignite. You may have seen fireworks in a local store and wondered why something illegal is being sold now. With the signing of the law, Massachusetts became the last State in the Union to completely ban fireworks, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association.

A 2018 law allowed Delaware residents to buy fireworks in pop-up shops and tents, but only certain types on the ground are available. As the holiday weekend approaches and you start looking for fireworks, it`s worth noting that not all types of fireworks are allowed in the state. Misuse of fireworks or illegal possession are offences that can result in a fine ranging from $25 to $100. “Leave the fireworks to the professionals,” Chionchio said. “That means you don`t use consumer fireworks. They can be a risk to your health, they can hurt you, they can set things on fire. We encourage them to take the time to enjoy the family`s public fireworks. While you`ll likely hear a lot of fireworks, bottled rockets, and even mortars on July 4, they`re all technically illegal in Delaware. Chionchio said fireworks from the air are not allowed as they can cause serious injury or death and lead to fires and property damage.

Here`s what you need to know if you want to keep it legal: Despite the ban, fireworks became widely available in a state where supplies were plentiful across the line. “They can only be used on those days, and they can be purchased by someone who is 18 or older up to 30 days before each of those days,” said the state`s assistant fire commissioner, Michael Chionchio. “Most fireworks in the state of Delaware are illegal and have been illegal for decades, fireworks, bottle rockets, Roman candles, M-80s, all kinds of air devices. If you set it on fire and shoot it in the air, it is illegal. The state fire marshal reserves the right to confiscate any explosives or fireworks illegally stored in Delaware. You can legally buy fireworks in Delaware at grocery stores, including Acme and ShopRite. Are you ready to start the fourth of July with a bang? Well, make sure it`s legal first. July 4 brings fireworks – some are lit legally and others illegally. And the Delaware State Fire Marshal`s Office is reminding residents to put safety first.

If you can`t resist illegal fireworks in the air, AAA Mid-Atlantic reminds Delaware residents that no insurance policy will cover your loss if you have an accident with illegal fireworks in your community. The bill does not legalize fireworks, bottled rockets, antennas or other devices that explode or fire in the air, according to a summary of the bill. Delaware has had a total ban on fireworks for many years, in part because of the influence of the state`s fire departments that end up fighting fireworks fires. Illegal fireworks that civilians own and may use include bottle rockets, incendiary fireworks or balloons, antennas such as Roman candles, and any other device that explodes or shoots in the air, according to the Delaware Health and Safety Code`s fireworks chapter. Fireworks purchased within the legal deadline will become illegal to own on July 5, and if you have any complaints about illegal fireworks in your neighborhood, you can call the local police. All consumer fireworks not expressly approved, including fireworks, torpedoes, celestial rockets, Roman candles, daygo bombs, and air cushion devices.