Bigo Live Rules

To remove the lock from your bigo Live account, you can contact us via the official WhatsApp number or use the self-opt-out service mentioned above. There is a FAMILY feature name in the bigo Live app, hosts can join the family and tell people that they are part of a group on the platform. The family is like a support system on Bigo; When hosts formalize the pk and they need people to help and support them to win a battle or achieve their monthly goals. Each family member has a family badge and a name in their profile so that users can distinguish the host family. To remove Bigo Live that has been suspended from your bigo live account, whether or not you violate the rules and rules of the bigo live community, you can ask this service to remove your Bigo Live ban. To request this service, contact us via our official WhatsApp below. # Or you can unlock your Bigo Live account within 24 hours by visiting this page and following the instructions: Click on Rmove Banned – Bigo Live The first thing you need to keep in mind is that every gift has a price. Each Bigo Live gift prize is different for users. Let`s say that if the viewer gives you a flower, it costs him a dollar, but if the audience gives you a supercar, it costs more than $3000 for the viewer. If you violate the Bigo Live Rules and the Community Rules, your account on Bigo Live will be suspended based on the level of violation, which is class A: permanently suspended for 10 years. Class B: Temporarily blocked for 10 minutes to 30 days.

Class Z: Serious injury from 10 to 20 years. Broadcasters are rewarded for the growth of their subscribers, which can cause broadcasters to do everything they can to get people to follow them. There are games like PK; where 2 chains fight for a few minutes and who gets the most beans will win the fight. But the hosts don`t lose anything to a real extent, like even a streamer loses the PK, they`ve always had the beans in battle. People have to buy diamonds to send the transmitter, which they received in the form of beans from the issuer. The current rate of diamonds is 42 diamonds for $1, so there are different gifts in the app that you can send to the people you are looking at, and all the specific gifts have a different value to buy the same value as received from an issuer in the form of beans and every 210 beans are equal to $1. This is the only way to make money with bigo Live if you are not an official host. Bigo is more for entertainment purposes, like any other social media, but they have a lot of content limitations, just like you can`t smoke, show, or drink alcohol on camera. If a user displays inappropriate content on their bigo wide, they can block it immediately and there is no set time to be unlocked by Bigo, it completely depends on the reason for the blocking. You can also restrict and prohibit your phone from using Bigo if you need to buy a new phone to use the Bigo Live app. Meghan Watson, a psychotherapist and executive director of Bloom Psychology and Wellness, says Bigo`s rules and regulations are a “powerful attitude” and that she has seen companies globally “come more from a value approach.” Since official hosts are also paid by the app, they pay hosts to complete 60 hours per month, they pay to receive gifts from viewers.

This is based on a monthly goal and the lowest payout the host can earn is $150 and ultimately it goes up to $24,000. There is always an exchange between users and Bigo like; The goals must be complete to receive payments from the Bigo, this can come down to gaining followers, beans or closing hours. It`s really easy to create an account on Bigo, just like Instagram, but I can tell you it`s so addictive. People who started using it as a hobby, not in addiction to it, and they don`t miss a single chance to be on Bigo Live. There are a lot of interesting and beautiful people who have real talent and talk to viewers in real time, laugh with you, read the comments and there are a lot of things that keep you in the app. You can learn a lot and become more interactive with people, it`s a fun app that you can download and use, and you can also become a civil servant with our agency. >>Click here<>> “I” > “Settings” > “About Us” > “Community Agreement”.

Bigo Live is a free app to download, but users can purchase BEANS (A Virtual Gift) which they send as a gift to their favorite stations to help them win a challenge to reach their monthly goals. When a user sends or receives beans; It also helps to increase their profile level and add more points to their status on the platform. Beans are also the income of a broadcaster that they can exchange for real money. Bigo Live also allows broadcasters to stream their gameplay, where users can level their rank in the app by logging in daily, watching other live streams, and sending or receiving beans. The station is sorted by levels, the more a station reaches the level, the more its live stream becomes visible to new users. 2. The transmission of live streaming with sexual behavior, harmful content, pornographic content, sensitive political topics or copyright infringement or videos and advertising for prostitution is prohibited.3. It is strictly forbidden to show genitals or other intimate parts of the body, for example: touching sensitive parts, showing the chest, hips, inner thighs and female genitalia of women and men, wearing transparent clothing, etc. 4. The transmission of gambling is strictly prohibited, the live broadcasting of gambling or the incitement of others to play.5.

The distribution of radio medicines is strictly prohibited, e.g. the submission of samples of drugs or relevant services, drug use, injection or interpretation of the drug manufacturing process, etc. 6. Violation of privacy, endangerment of the safety of others, endangerment of public interests, intrusion into the safety of others and cruelty to animals are strictly prohibited.7. Other behaviour involving pornography (such as whining), politics, gambling or drugs is strictly prohibited.8. The promotion of competing products, poaching, illegal trade in diamonds or beans and fraud are strictly prohibited.9. The dissemination of speech involving terrorism, extremism, war and religious violations is not allowed.10. The advertising of sex toys, aphrodisiacs or the publication of misleading information about part-time recruitment is strictly prohibited.11.

It is forbidden to commit any behavior that could harm the interest of the official platform. Bigo Live is a new social media phenomenon. The origin of the name of the application development company is “Bigo Technology PVT LTD” based in the country opposite Singapore. The live social media network was launched in March 2016. You can download the app for your android and iOS smartphones or devices. Becoming a host on Bigo is necessary if you want to maximize your income on Bigo. As a presenter on Bigo, not only do you earn money from the gifts that are sent to you during your broadcast, but you also receive money from Bigo if you are an official host. There are two different ways to become a host on Bigo. You can become a host through a host agency on Bigo, which means you will be among someone who is an official host of Bigo, being signed to an agency on Bigo means that a percentage of your income will be due to the agency you are under contract with.