Mgs School Rules

Fraud: Any inappropriate activity where the work submitted to the school does not represent the work of the enrolled student. This would include submitting someone else`s work, submitting answers obtained through an inappropriate action, or providing answers to another student. A student can dispute a grade by contacting the school, preferably by email If the student does not believe that the answer and explanation resolve the question or complaint, the student may ask the Director of Education to review the complaint and make a final decision. Students are allowed to complete their program up to two years after their official start date, but cannot be completed in less than 6 months. If additional time is required, an extension of 6 months may be granted upon written request or by email. Our distance learning programs allow students to learn how to repair weapons at their own pace, when and where it suits them. Exam results: The MGS online student center offers exams to students. A secure username and password is provided to each student, ensuring the safety of the student and MSG.

Since online exams are scored automatically, students have instant access to their score. Project results: Students will be informed by mail or e-mail of the results of the graded project. The Studentenwerk regularly checks students` accounts for missing projects and informs the student by e-mail to encourage project submission. Students who have forgotten their password or who request a change of their password should contact the Studentenwerk. The Studentenwerk representative will ask the student to confirm the credentials before updating the password. Advanced Armoury Course: provides a comprehensive understanding of the firearms industry – from manufacturing to the day-to-day operations of gun owners. Ideal for those interested in a career in armory. This degree course prepares students to troubleshoot, maintain, customize, diagnose and repair a variety of firearms.

Basic Firearms Repair Course: Designed to introduce students to the concepts and skills required for those interested in firearms care and maintenance. This program provides easy-to-understand lessons, hands-on projects, and principles related to armoury. Modern Gun School maintains a student code of conduct to protect the rights of students, faculty, staff and the Modern Gun School itself. Students of Modern Gun School must adhere to the following guidelines in their academic and personal conduct. At the end of each lesson or unit, students complete and submit exams to the Online Student Centre. Grade reports provide instant feedback and can be viewed in the online student center. The results of the project are sent to the student by e-mail or post. fabrication: falsification or invention of information and its presentation as legitimate; Misrepresentation of yourself or your status, which could damage the reputation of Modern Gun School or any of its members of the university community. If a student has a question or problem, please contact Modern Gun School Student Services staff. If your concern is not resolved, you may submit your complaint in writing to the Director, who will respond within 10 business days. Concerns that have not been satisfactorily resolved by MGS staff may be directed to: Private Business and Trade Schools, Delaware Department of Education, 35 Commerce Way, Suite 1, Dover, DE 19904, telephone: 302-857-3313 or Distance Education Accrediting Commission, 1101 17th St.

NW, Suite 808, Washington D.C., 20036, telephone: 202-234-5100. Each student who does his own work is the basis of independent study. Since students learn at their own pace and plan their own exams, there should never be undue pressure during an exam. Modern Gun School encourages students to be fully prepared before an exam. The use of notes or program materials is allowed, as each exam is open book. The goal is to learn and understand the materials you are studying. Any student suspected of academic dishonesty will be suspended from the program. There are many different forms of academic dishonesty. The following types of honesty violations and their definitions are intended to serve as examples of unacceptable academic behavior. The Student Identity Verification Policy allows MGS to verify that the student who enrolls in a course or program is the same student who is taking and completing the course or program. All students are assigned an Individual Registration Number (ID) and a secure registration number at the time of registration.

These assigned credentials are used to access the MGS Online Student Center. Plagiarism: Use someone else`s ideas or finished work as your own without naming the source. This involves copying or paraphrasing something and using it as if you had done the work yourself. To maintain fairness, consistency, and accuracy, MGS relies on the following: Modern Gun School`s learning model allows students to complete courses at their own pace with no specific deadlines for each lesson. However, if a student has not completed a lesson within 30 days, MGS will contact the student to motivate or identify any problems they may be experiencing and provide assistance. MGS encourages and motivates students throughout their program to achieve their graduation goal. If a student has not completed all courses within 30 days of the registration deadline, MGS will inform the student of the options to extend their program. If you require temporary leave from the program, you must submit a written request to Modern Gun School. A three-month leave for your studies is granted for cause. A leave does not extend the turnaround time. The appropriate use of technology is the responsibility of the student.

Students should take precautions to keep credentials safe and take precautions to change password credentials regularly or if a breach is suspected. Projects are evaluated on a satisfactory and unsatisfactory basis. Students must resubmit an unsatisfactory project. Project scores are not included in your average. However, satisfactory completion of all projects is required for completion. Students who score 69% or less on an exam are eligible for a new test. Modern Gun School policy states that any student who passes a repeating test should score no more than 70%, regardless of their score on the new test. Students who fail a minimum score (70%) on a remedial test receive the highest score of the two failed exams and the score is calculated in the final average.