Phi Kappa Phi Requirements

Membership in the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society is earned. Admission is by invitation and requires appointment and approval of a Chapter. The company`s articles of association set extremely high standards for membership. Detailed information on the conditions of participation can be found here. This is a comprehensive list of the most frequently reported connection issues. If this information does not resolve your issue, please contact First, make sure you`ve entered the same email address you used when signing up for Phi Kappa Phi. If this is correct, check your junk folder. If you still have not received the password reset email, please contact To be considered a member of Phi Kappa Phi, you must be an excellent student, have demonstrated a high character, and meet the following academic requirements: If you continue to have problems with a suspended account or are unable to reset your password, please contact for assistance.

Please contact your institution`s Phi Kappa Phi Chapter. To find Section Officers on your campus, please consult the Chapter Directory. Phi Kappa Phi claims to have over 100,000 active members,[9] initiating about 30,000 new members each year, and since its inception it has had a total of over 1 million members from over 300 academic chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. [10] Our company does not aim to provide simple proof: belonging to our company is more than just certifying your grade point average or CV. Around the world, membership in one of our organizations is understood as an honor that is neither cheaply earned nor widely awarded. And we provide opportunities to continue to learn and grow with other members of our societies across the country and across generations. Since its founding in 1897, Phi Kappa Phi has grown to more than 1.5 million members. Each year, about 25,000 students, lecturers, experts and alumni are initiated.

There are currently about 100,000 active members. Phi Beta Kappa, it was repeated over and over again, represented the literary side of education like history, literature and economics. The Phi Kappa Phi, on the other hand, does not only represent the democracy of education and does not distinguish between different lines of research such as literature, history, science, home economics, agriculture, veterinary medicine, law, but for a solid science based on four years of collegial work. [2] According to the National Association of Fellowships Advisors website, “The multidisciplinary nature of Phi Kappa Phi is reflected in its recipients of scholarships and awards of excellence. Winners represent a variety of fields, including biology, chemistry, engineering, political science, mathematics, and psychology. The professions they choose are just as diverse: law, medicine, business, education, science or art. [26] This multidisciplinary character is represented by the rays of light on the Phi Kappa Phi badge (see “Symbols of Society” below). In addition, Phi Kappa Phi aims to promote community service and leadership through its grants to local and national literacy initiatives, the promotion of scholarships for excellence, and training and leadership opportunities for its members. You can contact a section officer at your college or university. The Chapter Directory lists the Chapter Officers on your campus. Our invitation recognizes excellence in study, research or leadership that has been maintained over a period of several years.

Therefore, our invitations are usually issued late in the undergraduate career or even after graduation, marking the transition from high-merit work to other outstanding achievements. Observation #3: Their benefits are good, but very similar to any other company we`ve reviewed.