Reach It Legal Entity Change

Registrants should use the new version of REACH-IT to inform ECHA of any updates to their legal entity, even if the information was provided informally to ECHA prior to the new publication of REACH-IT. Practical guide: How to report changes in the identity of legal persons The practical guide replaces the REACH-IT sheet of 17 April 2009, which describes the obligations of companies that change their corporate name or legal entity. REACH-IT Industry User Manual Part 17 – Change of entity Changes in legal personality can now be reported to ECHA thanks to the new version of REACH-IT and the new practical guidance published today. ECHA has reversed its policy on the sale of assets and such transfers can be treated as a change of legal personality. Practical Guide 8:How to report changes in the identity of legal entities The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) says that REACH-IT can now cope with changes in legal entities by introducing a new directive on the sale of legal entities active. These transfers are treated as a “change of legal personality”. A practical guide to the new approach has also been published. Helsinki, 16 April 2010 – Companies in the process of being split or merged can now transfer their (pre-)registrations in REACH-IT from one legal entity to another. (Pre-) Records can also be transferred from one legal entity to another after a transfer of assets, provided that the company proves the transfer. For more advice, please contact your national helpdesk.

Changes to representatives only can be updated in the same way. Further information can be found in the practical guide and user manual of REACH-IT Industry Part 17 – Legal Entity Change. Both are available on ECHA`s website. ECHA/NA/10/17 Newsletter Media enquiries: ECHA Press.